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give back initiatives

Empowering youth in Marin County through life-changing opportunities.


Under the sun project

Under the Sun's mission is to create opportunities for youth living in Marin County in order to grant everyone regardless of socioeconomic status, race, gender, access to the ocean. Thus facilitating a "changing of the guard"in the outdoors, diversifying the lineup in the surfing community, and creating healthy resources for youth cresting from childhood into adulthood.

Play Marin

Play Marin provides oportunites for children of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds in Southern Marin to learn and grow through play.

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Send it foundation

Send It was founded by Jamie Schou, an outdoor enthusiast from Truckee, California, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in 2012. During his two-year battle with cancer, he continued to embrace his love for adventure and the outdoors with a commitment to live each day to the fullest. Jamie started Send It one year before passing away in 2014. Today, we continue his legacy by providing young adult cancer fighters and survivors with incredible outdoor adventures and community.


This surf program is for girls and female-identifying youth ages 10-17. We will meet at either Bolinas or Stinson (depending on conditions) and surf twice daily, with a lunch break in between. This is a great opportunity for consistent practice and all skill levels are welcome. We have limited availability with only 10 spots available.

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