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We pride ourselves on working with experts from several fields in the outdoors, we want every experience to give you knowledge, new skills, and a deep appreciation for the outdoors. So we work directly with local outdoor enthusiasts to bring local knowledge and experience to any adventure.

Nicki Clark

Owner - Lead Nature Guide


Born and raised in Marin County, I've loved outdoor activities since childhood.  I grew up surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Prior to having my two children I worked as a raft guide, mountain bike guide, snowboard instructor, glacier guide, surf instructor and personal trainer, in many different places. My passion is connecting others with the therapeutic benefits of nature and adventure.  I believe in the positive power and benefits of mindfulness, and often incorporate mindful practice into the adventures I lead.   When I’m not hanging out with my two amazing kids, you will find me leading an adventure, or out on one myself! I am a certified meditation in nature facilitator through Mark Coleman's Awake in the Wild teacher training.  I am a level 1 ISA certified surf coach as well as certified in ocean rescue.

 Thane Schultz 

Lead Surf Coach


"Thane hates bio's and thats why I, his daughter Sunny, am writing it for him.  If he was to write his own bio it might end up with 2 letters, Hi.  But anyway, he's my dad and he loves surfing.  He has been doing it for 36 years.  I know from personal experience that he's stoked to teach other people how to surf!  Let's face it, he's borderline obsessive about teaching other people to surf!  So do yourself a favor and sign up for a lesson with my dad Thane."

Cecilia Figueroa

 Lead surf coach

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More than 20 years ago I moved from Chile to the United States in search of new adventures and to begin my studies in education. I have been fortunate to have lived and experienced beautiful places including Colorado. It was there, in the Rocky Mountains, where I discovered my passion for the outdoors. Hiking, biking, and skiing became my new passion and ever since I have been hooked to the beauty and magic that I find in nature. Not too long after arriving in The Bay Area, captivated by the beauty of the water world, I begin exploring the bays, estuaries, and lagoons in Marin County on kayak and SUP, and the Pacific Ocean, a.k.a. 'the blue-waves-machine' on a surfboard. Let the adventure continue!

Steve Ratcliff

Lead Surf Coach

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Steve Ratcliffe caught his first wave in 1962 on a family vacation to Santa Barbara and has been surfing ever since.  Growing up on the Peninsula (the Princeton Jetty was his home break) he has lived in Bolinas since 1973, where he still surfs every day. He is a poet and Emeritus Professor at Mills College, where he taught creative writing and literature courses for 33 years.  Along with surfing and writing a poem and taking photographs every day he loves hiking up the Tam Ridge, backpacking, skiing and climbing in the Sierra, and riding his bike around Bolinas. 

Jake Croteau

Lead Surf Coach

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Hi, Jake here. I was born in San Francisco, and I have been surfing for ten years. I first learned to stand up on a board in Bolinas and have been hooked since. I love the sport, and it has been great to share that passion with others. When I am not in the water, I enjoy music, hiking, and spending time with friends. Next year (2022), I will be down in Los Angeles, attending my second year at Loyola Marymount University. I have been privileged to be near the beach my entire life and can’t wait to surf with you!

Aidan Forbes

Lead Surf Coach


My name is Aidan Forbes and I have been surfing since before I could remember. Born and raised in Marin County I have grown up surfing, fishing, and riding bikes around the Bay Area. Surfing is a very strong passion of mine and i’m looking forward to spreading the stoke! I’m currently attending

College of Marin and plan on attending

university next year!

 Estella Mora 

Surf Coach


Hi! My name is Estella, I am 17 years old and live in the small beach town bolinas, ca. I have been surfing my whole life, it’s my favorite thing to do ! Some of my hobbies include making art, playing with my dog and cats, and of course, teaching people how to surf ! I can’t wait to share the stoke with you all!! 

 Shannon Gray 

Lead Surf Coach


Surfing has woven through Shannon Gray’s life for the past fifteen years and her love for the ocean has been lifelong. A circus performer and dancer by trade, Shannon brings a unique style and relationship to the board and wave, focusing on sensation, intuitive expression, and presence. Teaching surfing to others is a way that Shannon combines her love for the ocean with her love for people- there is nothing that makes her happier than helping people connect with their bodies and the sea. 

Brittanie Williamson

Adventure Coordinator & Guide

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Born and raised in Kansas, Brittanie moved to Marin in 2012 to begin her career as a personal trainer. With running cross country, playing basketball and soccer, she has always loved being active. After owning a Strength and Conditioning gym for 3 years she ventured out on the greatest journey of her life, hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail in 2017. The following year she completed another thru-hike going from Slovenia down to Albania, her and her friend were the first American women to complete the trail. Her love for the outdoors and being a part of nature has grown through each experience, and sharing that love by connecting with others in nature is a true blessing.

 Barbara Juniper 

Mindfulness teacher and Nature guide

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A fourth generation California native, raised in Mill Valley, Barbara Juniper grew up spending her play time in redwood groves and local creeks. She is a meditation teacher and Community Dharma Leader in Marin County, where she offers a community meditation group called Opening the Gate every Monday night at the Tibetan Buddhist center, Sukhasiddhi Foundation. Having spent over 30 years backpacking in the Sierra Nevada every summer and raising her three boys on rural property in the foothills of the Sierra, her love and understanding of the natural world shine brightly. Barbara will delight you with her sense of humor, her warmth, her depth of presence and her love of life. Oh, and she loves to sing, so you may hear her bust out a tune from time to time!

Nick Nutu

Hiking Adventure Guide


Nick grew up in the land of blue hills known as Massachusetts. Nick has camped and backpacked all over the Appalachians, Sierras, and the jungles of Central & South America. He's even foraged mushrooms with gypsies in Romania, worked on organic farms, and kayaked the Amazon rivers with NOLS (nature outdoor leadership school). He is as comfortable as can be outdoors in the elements. ​It was at the University of Arizona where he fell in love with Native American ways. From tending the land to riding horses, he has been on a journey to study with many different elders, participating in sweat lodges, vision quests, and traditional ceremonies.  His dream is to help humans connect to the wild world consciously and spiritually. Nick is Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified.

 Bryce Kirk

Mountain Bike Guide


Hi! My name is Bryce Kirk. I basically grew up on two wheels, exploring the wild and winding trails of my home town in the Bay Area. Since I was a little kid i could feel the overwhelming benefits from escaping into the beautiful wilderness of Mt Tamalpais:  physical, emotional, an inner peace and outer connectivity.  I always found the technical challenge of riding a mountain bike, coupled with being immersed in nature, instantly transportive; allowing me to be present in the moment, all while escaping the chaos and pressures of my daily life. At the age of 24 I founded Mt. Tam bikes, a speciality bike store located in Mill Valley, California. After a decade of running the store, I moved on to work behind the scenes with a bicycle parts manufacturer.  Part of my role was leading clinics educating dealers and customers alike on the benefits of proper bicycle fit and setup.One of my biggest passions  has always been to help everyone be comfortable on two wheels, and hopefully in turn, out and about exploring our beautiful motherlands with the same uninterrupted freedom and joy I was so lucky to experience as a child. I am so excited to share my knowledge and experience with you! Let’s ride!